Understanding Suicide


Paperback: 332 pagesPublisher: Currach PressLanguage: English
ISBN-10: 1782188428
ISBN-13: 978-1782188421

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Book Description

Suicide kills more Irish people every year than road traffic accidents. It continues to be deeply misunderstood by many people, not least those directly bereaved. Tony Walsh and Lucy Costigan present a new approach to Understanding Suicide which looks beyond the usual person-centred explainations, to seeing how all aspects of society, education, the law, and family life contribute to this terrible problem. The approach represents a new way of approaching suicide and is being taken up and supported by many groups and organizations who have been struggling with this phenomena for years. Essentially we are all a part of the problem of human pain and so we must all change our attitudes and behaviours if we are to be part of the solution.

I welcome this publication which contributes to the debate about suicide. This debate is important to obtain an understanding of the complexities around suicide and the complexity of the decision to take one’s life. – Dan Neville, President, Irish Association of Suicidology.

Having read this book, my understanding of suicide has undergone a seismic shift. I have been filled with hope that, as a society, we can bring powerful positive changes into our institutions, most especially education, to give each child vital tools for self-care and emotional wellbeing. Rose Tully, Former National Secretary, Public Relations’ Officer, and President for the National Parents Council - Post Primary for 25 years.